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Gizmara: Quick Cash for Old Phones

Frequently Asked Questions

In what cities does Gizmara operate?

Gizmara operates all over the UAE to provide its incredible and full-time services. You can sell your device instantly if you are inhabited in any of these cities:

Abu Dhabi
Ras Al Khaimah
FujairahUmm Al Qaiwain
Al Ain

Where do devices go after a buyout?

After a buyout, we send these devices for recycling. There, we fix and repair these old, barely working devices. We delete all the data stored primarily on these devices to maintain data security. Afterward, we sell these devices to other potential customers. 

Can I trade my iPhone to MacBook?

You can sell your old or new iPhone, MacBook, and Samsung models via our site.

Can I trade several Apple devices for one, e.g., iPhone 12 Pro Max?

You can upload a list of all the old devices you want to trade. We’ll estimate a top-up payment for all these collected devices and ensure you an upfront cash payment. 

Do you offer new iPhones for sale?

No. Gizmara doesn’t supply new products. We offer iPhone trade-in or buyout for a new one only. 

How do I delete all the data from my iPhone?

You can delete all the data by following the guidelines in each data security section of all our articles. 

Do you go for locked iPhones?

Not at all. We do not allow our users to sell their locked devices.

Do you buy an iPhone with a broken Touch ID?

Yes, we do. But the charges due to such damages appearare substantially lower.

Guidance on how to delete data from an iPhone before sale?

Three significant steps to wipe out all your data are:

Backup: First, back up all your data on your device and store it in reliable cloud storage. 

Logout: Unlink your device by logging out your device from your Apple ID account
Reset: Factory reset your iPhone device to delete all your data surely

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